Stephanie N. Morales Future Leaders Initiative

                   Shadow Program                

Meet the Junior Commonwealth's Attorney class of 2019! These dynamic students are going to make some very special marks on our communities in the very near future. Thank you to everyone who answered my call to engage with these inquisitive young ones today! They learned from our favorite court reporter Mr. Spratley, Deputy Public Defender Stevenson, Judges Melvin, Morrison and Crowe, several members of the Sheriff Department, our community Historian Mrs. Mae Breckenridge Haywood and the amazing attorneys and administrative professionals of the office. Today we truly brought a sense of community to the courthouse. Our future leaders are ready!

Stephanie N. Morales Future Leaders Initiative

Internship Program


Mrs. Morales spends every Tuesday morning building and strategizing with her law interns. Every hour spent ensures that the future leaders within the profession see the value in reaching back and building others up.