Stephanie N. Morales Future Leaders Initiative

                   Shadow Program                

Honorable Stephanie N. Morales new wave of Junior Commonwealth's Attorneys spent time with her at the office! This experience was so special because in addition to our standard group discussion and visit to court to observe and talk to the judge, we had a mini career day! We had three amazing professionals (a Forensic Scientist & Professor, an Engineer & Supervisor, an Entrepreneur/Owner of two businesses) and two law students to come and share about their education, their careers and to give advice to our future leaders! Thank you so much to all involved in creating this opportunity for our young ones.      

Stephanie N. Morales Future Leaders Initiative

Internship Program


Mrs. Morales spends every Tuesday morning building and strategizing with her law interns. Every hour spent ensures that the future leaders within the profession see the value in reaching back and building others up.