The Stephanie N. Morales Future Leaders Initiative was created to embody our Commonwealth’s Attorney’s mission to impact Community Protection & Crime Prevention by Smart Prosecution.

Community Protection – The Portsmouth Commonwealth’s Attorney Office will strive to ensure fair and diligent prosecution through our advocacy and will provide services to and work closely with victims and witness and will work closely with other involved agencies to ensure justice is served.

Crime Prevention -- The Portsmouth Commonwealth’s Attorney Office is committed to engaging with the community and building relationships with other agencies. Every month, the office attorneys participate in their assigned Civic League meetings. In addition, the office attorneys participate in various outreach programs within the City of Portsmouth. The Ctrl + Alt + Del Program implemented under this Initiative is a monthly seminar involving the discussion of Recidivism and Restoration of Rights. Our Ctrl+Alt+Del Program is designed for citizens who have once gone down a difficult path but would like to take efforts to become productive members of society.

Smart Prosecution -- The Portsmouth Commonwealth’s Attorney Office is committed to engaging our youth by exposing them to the judicial system by way of the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. The Internship Program and Shadowing Assistant Program under the Initiative will expose the youth within our community to legal prosecution.

 All programs will be placed on the website with specific details and deadlines. If there are any additional questions regarding a specific program, please feel free to email Marsha Moore at Please be sure to place the program in the subject line to ensure an accurate response to your question(s).